Tips and Tricks to Take Care of Your Hair

Tips and Tricks to Take Care of Your Hair

It’s nothing new to admit that we all want long, luscious hair like the ones we see in all the hair commercials on TV. The question is how? With all the environmental pollution, damaging UV rays, and color treatments that might ruin our hair, it’s hard to have soft, healthy hair. Read on to find out the best tips and tricks to take care of your hair with basically no effort.

#1 Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trimming the ends of your hair can rid it of the worn-out, rough look that often shows up and gives your hair a fresher and healthier feel and look.

#2 Don’t Comb Wet Hair

Your hair is weak when it’s wet so it’s best to put off the detangling until it’s dry, or at least opt for a wider toothed comb on your wet hair.

#3 Use Sulfate-free Products

Sulfate present in shampoos or conditioners can strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture which can leave your hair dry and damaged so it’s better to buy a sulfate-free shampoo the next time around.

#4 Condition More Than Shampoo

Shampooing your hair too often can dry it out pretty quickly which is why it’s best to use shampoo only every two days. However, condition every chance you get to retain moisture in your hair.

#5 Keep Your Diet Healthy

Adding more lean meat, beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and grains will make much more of a difference to your hair than you might think.

#6 Use Hair Masks

Mash up an avocado and banana and add an egg and some olive oil to the mixture. Using this concoction as a hair mask will go a long way when it comes to making your hair longer and shinier.

#7 Avoid Heat Styling

Heat styling products instantly damage your hair so it’s best to either avoid them completely or use heat-protecting products beforehand.

#8 Oil Your Hair Regularly

Leaving your hair oiled overnight to wash it in the morning is a practice that will help greatly in giving your hair more shine, length, and volume in a matter of just weeks.

Last Note

Now that you know all the tips and tricks to keep in mind while taking care of your hair, you can easily keep your hair long, silky, and healthy without having to go to the salon or buy expensive products.